My work uses science and mass media as metaphor for our emotions about the inner chaos of our world. I aim to reflect the isolation of those who may be ignored or shy but still want to be seen. The beauty is there, waiting for be discovered, but we don't see it because we cannot shed our prejudices.

My journalistic background allows me to explore even the most obnoxious situations and discover an untold history or astonishing image. I use my artistic practice to to shape our perception about reality, using the objects of our desires to focus the attention in what is relevant, but we would prefer not to be aware of.

My work is feminine, but not necessary glamorous. It is something raw, mischievous but kind... sardonic laughter and a bit of smeared lipstick. Through that glass I explore topics like biology, science, ecology and social landscaping of consumption symbols, violence and prejudices.
This may give you cancer
Accidental Erotica